2 of us photography having 3 confirmed oversea pre wedding trip this year and we are now open for interested couple to join us!
Kindly take note, we are specialise in photography, have experience in oversea pre wedding, NOT a new company collecting portfolio and providing in free/cheap cost. *Expecting in $2800 for including everything? Please ignore us.
Also, we are not a bridal shop, so additional cost on wedding gown service will be apply just for your convenience, most importantly no hidden cost.

These trip are specially for those who truly love photography & our style of photography, looking forward to have a fun adventure with you!

Drop us an email for more details : info@2ofusphotography.com
Or whatsapp us at : +6596190275

Photographer will be Cole Kor (click the name for more info)


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Oversea pre wedding works

Hello guys!

My upcoming sharing session “The Wedding Story with Cole & Kai” will be this coming June!
Yes, together with another talented wedding photographer Kai Tan from Kai Picture we will be sharing on our wedding photography skills, the different sources of our inspiration & our wedding photography experience.
This is a chance to learn from 2 photographers with 2 very different mindset and photography styles at this 2 day wedding photography workshop.

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*Special thanks to Nikon Singapore for the arrangement, and the sponsors from Alisha & Lace Singapore and D’Secret Professional Makeup & Hairdo!

Thank you Derek & Jialing for having us to Barcelona, it’s good to be back!
Yes, this was our second trip to this beautiful city. Slightly different from our previous trip, we went to Sitges, a lovely coastal town which 43 km away from Barcelona city for the first day photo shoot and back to Barcelona city again for day 2.
There were so many funny & unforgettable moments happened during this trip. We so glad that they have wrote something for us right after the shooting (as show at the bottom of these photos) Thank you so much Derek & Jialing, greatly appreciate it! Here to congrats and wish both of you a blissful marriage!  muaccksss!

Photographer : Cole Kor
Make up & hair do : Yuki Fang
barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-001barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-002barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-003barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-004 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-005barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-006 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-007barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-008barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-009barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-010barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-011barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-012 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-013barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-014barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-015barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-016barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-017 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-018barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-019barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-020 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-021barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-022barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-023 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-024barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-025barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-026barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-027barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-028barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-029barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-030barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-031 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-032barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-033barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-034barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-035barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-036barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-037 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-038barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-039barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-040barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-041 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-042barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-043 (1)barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-044barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-045barcelona-colekor-prewedding-2ofusphotography-046 (1)

Something from them:

“Engagement of Cole and Yuki (make-up artist) for our overseas pre-wedding shoot was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding so far. Being a first-time engaged couple, we had no prior photo shoot experiences and were both anxious and eager at the whole idea! We simply don’t know what to expect.

Cole put us at ease and relaxed by meeting us several times, giving us useful tips and guidance before the actual D-day.
Throughout the 1.5-day overseas pre-wedding shoot, Cole and Yuki worked perfectly and made us feel comfortable about posing around on streets and being photographed. They were also willing to listen to our needs, understand and agreeable to any requests that we had without any hesitations.

We felt “safe” in Cole and Yuki’s hands, who perfectly demonstrated well that they knew best at their respective field of expertise. The whole pre-wedding shoot experience was an enjoyable one! Cole has a keen eye for what would make a great photograph and committed to capture the special moment of us. His professionalism and enthusiasm speaks volume of him. One good example was how Cole was so protective about his prop (a fragile maple leaf) and constantly be mindful that it was well-kept.

In addition to Cole’s attitude and perfectionism, his photography skill and talent are remarkable which can be often seen in his works. He seems to have a flair of viewing things creatively behind his camera lens and willingly to go an extra mile to get a perfect shot.A massive “THANK YOU” for capturing the beautiful memories of our first Europe trip and exceeding our expectations. We couldn’t wait to work with you again on the biggest day of our lives!
Till then, take care!”

– Derek and Jialing

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Usually our Pre-Wedding Shoots follow a certain theme, such as Classic, Nature or Exotic. Sometimes we recommend based on our feel of the couple’s characteristics, and sometimes based on the request of our customers. For Wei and Jon, it was one of the rare occasions where we truly had the “Nature, Hip and Class” elements all in a pre-wedding shoot.

We started off with a nature walk in the morning, making use of the awesome sunlight amidst the blend of trees and branches to capture some warm lovely shots. The soft and warm nature of the couple blended extremely well with the environment and truly brought out the feel we were looking for.

A quick snap of fingers and we were now at Combi Bar, where the retro-ness in them kicked in. It was cool of the couple to book the place for photo shoot, and the vintage vehicles as well as setting of the place made the whole session really fun and enjoyable. An quick imprompt shot of the new addition, the Hulk, in the bar just says it all.

With Wei and Jon, we decided not utilise the usual night shots of MBS and Gardens by the bay, which probably had been trending for the last couple of year. Instead, we decided to visit an almost forgotten old favourite wedding photography joint, Fort Canning Hill. It really had been a while since we last shot there, but for those who did recall, we once have 2 awards winning photo taken right at fort canning. Link 1 & Link 2

To be back at Fort Canning was somewhat nostalgic. We loved the classy night shots we took for them, and Weijing’s red gown really brought out the classiness in the shots. It was a great session with a very accommodating and versatile couple. Do enjoy our shots.
Photography by Cole

F a c e b o o k
A w a r d s
H i g h l i g h t s