I was tight up by many things recently, pardon me for the super late blog update.
This is a throwback excited news that happened in this year January, YES you are right, it was 4 months ago…
However, it still has to be shared as this is one of the proud moment in my life!
I’m so honored to nominated as Top 20 Photographers of the year 2017-18 by AsiaWPA
Also, some awards winning as well!

Flew all the way to Hong Kong for attending AsiaWPA Gala dinner and accept the nomination & awards.
Thank you to my clients & those who always supporting me, more hard work to keep up the good works for sure!

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Our second trip to Iceland, more extreme when compared to the previous trip as it was winter season with only 4 hours daylight per day.
We need to chasing the light continuously for 3 days and shooting under the super freezing condition, I have to admit this is crazy… but definitely an unforgettable one!

Side note, this oversea pre-wedding series was featured in the wedding scoop – Click Me!
– Selected by Junebug weddings as The Best of the Best Destination 2017 – Click me!
– 1 award from AsiaWPAClick me!

After the groceries shopping in the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik, we drove all the way to Jökulsárlón (glacier lagoon) for our first stop, as we have booked a private Ice cave tour  (by Glacier Adventure) near this area.

*Our fearless couple did their registration of marriage in Iceland a year ago, southern sceneries have mostly been covered by another photographer from their previous trip, we just need to stay focus on the ice cave photoshoot.An info to share, Iceland is a country with no firework restrictions, you can buy firework as many as you can 2 weeks before the New year from Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue!

Yes, we bought a few for self-defense purpose applying to the shoot!

Day 1, Bad weather, the ice cave tour have to cancel so we proceed to Diamond beach. It was raining & windy whole day with 1 degree. After an hour of waiting inside the car, we left only 2 hours daylight, wait no more! I found a sturdy iceberg, observed & safety checked, suggested a crazy idea to the couple and glad that they willing to try! *This is the first & last shots of the day due to the bad weather. *Nikon D5 with 20mm & 600Ws strobe lights.

Day 2, we have a green light from Glacier adventure, proceed to Ice cave shooting! But first, half an hour of bumpy rocky road drive in! *For safety, hired an experienced tour guide is a must for ice cave tour!

followed by half an hour of rocky hiking…

Spectacular Glacier! (Dark color area is contained Volcanic ash)

This is the changing place for them… (tentage will be set up for sure!)

Super workhorse, work well in extreme condition!

In this super cold condition, everything has to act fast, doing my best to minimize the discomfort of the couple. 

Alright, another half an hour of glacier hiking to our final destination! (Special thanks to our very nice tour guide, Mr. Sigurour! By helping me to carry heavy camera lighting system throughout the trip! Without his help, I might die in half way….)

Finally, the Ice Cave!

Fun fact: It was minus 3 degrees inside the cave, it’s colder than outside…

With carrying so many heavy equipments hiking in and out, encountered strong chilling wind blowing until my face felt so painful! It’s tiring but the rewards were priceless!

After a good rest & dinner, we out to Jökulsárlón for a night shoot with the stars, the northern light just happened unexpectedly! A beautiful gift attach with minus 6 degrees…

Day 3, Shooting along the way back to Reykjavik

It was a new year eve on our last day shooting, we decided to end it at Vik and celebrate with the firework, but the strong wind seems like not happy with our plan…

Hooray! weather back to normal but only for 10 minutes….

and snowy suddenly…

Snowy beach with oddly shaped rocky around, are we in kind of Sci-Fi movie scene??

Due to lack of manpower, 2 American tourist were assigned to a specific place to help up for the burning of fireworks. Wohoo~~ What a beautiful ending!

Northern light again on the way back to our hotel!

Video of spectacular fireworks in Reykjavik, started around 9 pm non-stop until 1 am plus~~
This Winter Iceland trip definitely one of the most extreme photography experience in my life.
Stay tuned for our coming up Summer Iceland series (it’s going to be a big difference series!)

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Our first Iceland pre-wedding – Click me!

Photography by Cole Kor
Makeup & styling by Yuki from D’secret make up

Instagram: @2ofusphotography
email: info@2ofusphotography.com

2017, marks year of achievements for 2 of us photography!
Cole Kor have won 2 Fearless Awards, 6 ISPWP Awards, 15 AsiaWPA & Junebug Weddings The Best of The Best Engagement & Destination25 awards in 2017 and our total amount of awards till date is 140!
Not forgetting, Cole Kor has been invited & proud to be Nikon D850 product ambassador for Singapore Wedding genre!

Here with another good news to share, ISPWP Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the World 2017, we are in the list!!

Link : https://www.ispwp.com/contests/topPhotographers/2017Thank you for your support, we promise to keep up the quality of works & continue to WOW you!
Happy New Year guys 🙂

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Both of them from Singapore, he was studied in York and she was in London. They met, get together & built lots of memories in this country.
Eventually, tying the knot in Singapore!
Before stepping into wedding, they decided back to their starting point and photograph a series of pre wedding photos for celebrating their love journey.
There were many places covered, we back to the restaurant, cafe, park that they used to hang up, she said yes to him and some significant spots as well. Without further blah, let’s take a looks to their lovely series.

Photography by Cole Kor
Make up & styling by Yuki from D’secret make up

*That’s not a real vandalism…

Regent’s Park with goose

Gordon’s Wine Bar. Established in 1890, possibly the oldest wine bar in London

This is the most challenging part for me, extremely low light and no flash using are allow

Baker street, for Sherlock Holmes

This is York, 4 hours away from London by train

Ending shots for York, London for next


a beautiful night scene shots ended in Tower Bridge

Instagram : @2ofusphotography
email : info@2ofusphotography.com

It’s been a while…
Before step forward onto 2018, We are very delighted to share our recent achievements to everyone!
Cole Kor has won Fearless Awards on collection 39 & 40 together with 2 honorable Mentions in collection 40 as well.
*With total of 24 lifetime fearless awards, we are very proud to be top of the listing in “BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN SINGAPORE”

Singapore Wedding photographer Cole Kor has won his fearless awards in collection 40, total of 24 life time awards!

Link to the Awards gallery : Click me

 2 honorable mentions in collect 40 by Singapore Wedding photographer Cole Kor

Link to Honorable Mentions gallery : Click me

 2 honorable mentions in collect 40 by Singapore Wedding photographer Cole Kor

Link to Honorable Mentions gallery : Click me

Fearless Awards collection 39 by Singapore Wedding Photographer Cole Kor, total of 24 life time awards!

Link to Awards gallery : Click me


Not forgetting ISPWP awards as well, total of 43 awards

Awards from ISPWP Summer 2017 by Cole Kor with link

Awards from ISPWP Fall 2017 by Cole Kor with link


Awards from ISPWP Fall 2017 by Cole Kor with link

Thank you to our client who trusted on us, we will keep up the hard work & keep rocking!


Instagram : @2ofusphotography
email : info@2ofusphotography.com

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