Oversea Pre Wedding – Barcelona by Cole Kor

Ehmmm, it’s really make my day by reading this testimonial! Big encouragement for me to keep up the good works! Mr & Mrs.Lee thank you for trusting on me, it was an enjoyable & great fun trip in Barcelona (oh yeah not forgetting the awesome Tapas we had!). I’m so glad that we are no more client relationship but best best friend!! Here to wish both of you a blissful marriage & all the best! muacksss!!
Cheers, Cole

“When we first met up in his cosy office, Cole was PROFESSIONAL in the way he shared with us his impressive portfolio and shooting experiences. They say first impression counts. Cole appears as a friendly and HUMBLE chap notwithstanding him being a multiple photography award winner. We found his work creative & ORIGINAL and knew immediately he was the one we wanted to engage for our Barcelona pre-wedding shoot.

During the stint, there was an instance when we almost gave up due to undesirable weather conditions. We were encouraged by his TENACITY to press on (despite being cold and wet himself) which resulted in some of the most amazing pictures we ever had. Throughout the experience, Cole was OBLIGING to our requests and accommodated them to his best effort. Little did we expect him to be such a GALLANT person to overcome challenging conditions and obstacles just to get that picture perfect shot. Since it was the first experience for all 3 of us in Barcelona, Cole checked out some of the designated shooting spots a day before to familiarize himself and to plan his shoot “strategy”. By doing so, he avoided time wastage on actual shooting day. Not easy to find such a RESPONSIBLE photographer!

Oh, did we mention that Cole is very ARTISTIC and PASSIONATE as well? His “bionic” eyes can detect what we cannot see and convert them into beautiful pictures. The HARDWORKING Cole also spends hours to perfect his photos. Being extremely satisfied clients, we were so glad it didn’t have to burn a hole in our pockets. Such good stuff yet comes with an ECONOMICAL price tag! Last but not least, we admire his RESPONSIVENESS – Cole replies almost instantaneously to our queries (unless engaged in a shoot), even up till now!

PS: Cole, “you the PHOTOGRAPHER”!!! Thank you once again for helping us capture our beautiful memories. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing more good stuff from you!”

– by Mr & Mrs. Lee 23 March 2014

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