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Dear Cole,
I first found out about your photography through a friend in the industry who had shared your photo years ago, and thought that your photography was just amazing, and if I were to hire someone to photograph my wedding, it would have been you. I wasn’t even actually planning to get married then!

Fast forward to today, and it was an easy choice when Victor asked me to decide on a photographer – we didn’t even bother shopping around. We were quite happy to hear that you were interested in planning a trip to beautiful New Zealand.

I must say that Victor and I have had the most amazing time with you andJenny in NZ. Victor and I are not the most camera friendly people, we seldom take photographs, let alone want to be photographed.

But Jenny and you made the photoshoot not only pleasant, but surprisingly enjoyable! Your lightheartedness, jovial character and cold jokes (which seriously made NZ colder than cold), made the weird awkward smiles go away, and real happiness shine through. Your professionalism in photography to getting the best shot, at the best angle, at the best timing and light, is commendable. Climbing up some crazy clay hills, trudging through fields (trespassing), snapping quicker than the fog can roll into frame, composing “pho pho pho” photos you are well known for, trying to feed very practical and realistic ducks, waiting out the rain at your tree, freezing in the frigid nz nights; we have to admit that both you and Jenny were deeply committed to doing your bests to get us the best photos possible.

We followed your directions blindly (because we were so uninitiated with cameras), and trusted that you would work your magic, and you did not fail us. We were IN the photos, but we could never see the photos the way your uncanny eye for framing the pictures did. When you showed us photos on your camera screen, we always went, wow. this is it. it was beautiful being there in the scene, but even more beautiful in your frames.

Jenny, thank you also for being the little fairy behind the scenes, from the early morning make up, to the hiding behind us in little corners holding up the flash, multiple touch ups, and your sweet sweet nature in caring for all 3 of us during the trip. You have honestly been invaluable in this adventure.

Lastly, thank you both for being not only a great team, but also two amazing people who we have gotten to know better during this trip. Victor and I are deeply appreciative, and will not hesitate in giving our highest recommendations to all who are considering having you both at their weddings or events.

Lots of love,
Victor and Vanessa  (July, 2015)

Great photos! I have to admit that you are a very patient and accommodating artist. My wife and I are very “stiff” when it comes to picture taking, but you would never fail to help us feel at ease with your cheerful and positive enthusiasm. We initially thought that the whole photo taking process would be absolutely draining but your pacing kept the whole shoot utterly enjoyable and far more relaxed than we were expecting. We were absolutely enthralled with the final product. The pictures were absolutely breathtaking with every shot carefully tweaked to capturing the “moment”.

All in all, we would like to say a big “Thank You”  for all the hard work and effort you put into crafting and piecing our special day together into a fantastic album.

Wei Jin & Jonathan 🙂 2015



wedding-photo-2ofus-photography-colekor03singaporeHi Cole,

The photos turned out absolutely incredible! I cannot tell you how excited we are about the results of our rather adventurous photo session. You really do have an eye for the composition of photos, the lighting and the angle. We truly appreciate the incredible patience that you have displayed and the vast amount of time and efforts that you have put in to make that photo shooting a truly remarkable one with stunning results.

Thank you so much! Angeline and I will be the most prolific marketers of your work and we will wholeheartedly recommend you within our social circles.

All the best, please stay in touch and let us know of any feedback that you receive.

Cheers, Angeline & Daniel . 2014

oversea prewedding_Barcelona_ColeKor047

“When we first met up in his cosy office, Cole was PROFESSIONAL in the way he shared with us his impressive portfolio and shooting experiences. They say first impression counts. Cole appears as a friendly and HUMBLE chap notwithstanding him being a multiple photography award winner. We found his work creative & ORIGINAL and knew immediately he was the one we wanted to engage for our Barcelona pre-wedding shoot.

During the stint, there was an instance when we almost gave up due to undesirable weather conditions. We were encouraged by his TENACITY to press on (despite being cold and wet himself) which resulted in some of the most amazing pictures we ever had. Throughout the experience, Cole was OBLIGING to our requests and accommodated them to his best effort. Little did we expect him to be such a GALLANT person to overcome challenging conditions and obstacles just to get that picture perfect shot. Since it was the first experience for all 3 of us in Barcelona, Cole checked out some of the designated shooting spots a day before to familiarize himself and to plan his shoot “strategy”. By doing so, he avoided time wastage on actual shooting day. Not easy to find such a RESPONSIBLE photographer!

Oh, did we mention that Cole is very ARTISTIC and PASSIONATE as well? His “bionic” eyes can detect what we cannot see and convert them into beautiful pictures. The HARDWORKING Cole also spends hours to perfect his photos. Being extremely satisfied clients, we were so glad it didn’t have to burn a hole in our pockets. Such good stuff yet comes with an ECONOMICAL price tag! Last but not least, we admire his RESPONSIVENESS – Cole replies almost instantaneously to our queries (unless engaged in a shoot), even up till now!

PS: Cole, “you the PHOTOGRAPHER”!!! Thank you once again for helping us capture our beautiful memories. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing more good stuff from you!”

– by Mr & Mrs. Lee 23 March 2014




They say it’s very important to find an AD photographer who can understand your needs & expectations. We couldn’t comprehend until we met Cole Kor from 2 of us photography. He made us feel such ease talking to him during our pre-event discussion & he made an effort to understand our personality prior to the AD shot. He doubled up as a”wedding consultant” by advising us on the procedure for our traditional ceremony & taught a novice like me on how to pose. It was truly an enjoyable wedding having him & of cos’ his jokes! The photos he took literally blew us away! It made the 1 hour shoot under the blazing sun worthwhile. Thanks for making February 22 2014, a truly memorable day for Shaun Yeo & myself. I couldn’t ask for a greater team!

by Shaun & Nicole


Dearest 2 Of Us,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Cole and Soon for taking such BEAUTIFUL photos during our wedding on 6th October 2012. It was absolutely creative and stunning.

Starting from the pretty photos and great reviews that we had saw on your website and numerous Facebook postings on the photos you guys took, we knew that we would not go wrong selecting you guys to be our actual day photographers. It was a no brainer, we knew you guys can perform when we need you the most.

Our choice paid off from the first day of our appointment. Our discussion for our wedding day theme and schedule of the actual wedding event was fun and engaging. Cole was always cracking jokes and keeping us entertained. At the same time, all our concerns were addressed and Cole took much effort to make sure that he had listened intently and know exactly how we want our wedding to be. He was also very helpful and gave very constructive contributions so that we do not miss anything out. We felt very assured throughout the planning stages that the actual day will be smooth sailing and wonderful, just the way we want it.

And then finally, our actual day came! We remembered that we were always wondering how the photos would turn out when you guys asked us to do some random artistic poses which we were not naturally good at but the pictures turned out so surprisingly good! I guess that is the difference between good photographers and bad ones. Good photographers will just be able to bring out the best in their subjects no matter how ugly the person(us, haha) might be, turning anything mediocre into a stunning piece of art. Truly, you guys have the midas touch!

Both of you managed to make all of us feel at ease and yet be so professional in capturing amazing and natural moments throughout the entire day. We absolutely love the photos which we took outdoors! We were amazed at your creativity in making full use of our Rainbow theme and making it even more colourful than we had hope for it to be!

Thanks for capturing every important moments on that day which enabled us to create an album that both of us will be able to enjoy throughout our lifelong journey and share these memorable pictures with our kids in future. We wish you luck in your career and believe that your skills will definitely improve even more in future. We would definitely recommend 2 of us photography to all our friends for all occasions! Keep in touch!

Lots of love,

Alvin and Serene



Thank you for the most awesome pictures ever. Everyone loved it. You’ve given us beautiful memories that will be kept for a long long time. We really had lots of fun during the shoot (minus all the grasshoppers climbing up the gown). Kudos to your determination to get the best shots. BIG Thank You!!

– Sean & Jesslyn




1st of all, let me thank Cole for his supportive and innovative ideas when we told him about our expected shooting. And from his ideas that he had given us… in my mind, we ( Jackson Wong & Choo Ruo Ning) know that we did not find the wrong photographer.

He suggested a couple of locations before we settled them at Coastal Settlement and Tuas End.

I clearly remembered when I reached his office on 18th September 2012 at around 1430hrs; it seems like we are friends’ meet up rather than his my photographer. After a casual exchange of words, he simply carries his camera luggage and placed into my car…haha! (easy going fellow! super relax….)

BTW he is also our “Bangalah worker” aka coolie. When we reached Tuas End, he will place his camera luggage aside and happily helping us to carry the items (e.g. wooden chest, sphere chair….etc ) to the exact location (for his perfect shot in his mind).

Last but not least, no disappointment from Cole to us when he post our photos (http://tinyurl.com/9a64xk4http://tinyurl.com/9dadcws & http://tinyurl.com/8uxjpdm) on his FB. For sure, 1 year later I will engage his help again for our anniversary with my suit and my wife’s gown.

To Cole Kor : Study more and shall see more of your works in the near future.

By Jackson Wong & Choo Ruo Ning


Hi Cole,
Thank you for the wonderful photos you have taken for me and Chua Cheng Xi on our wedding day. We are very satisfied with your work and we can say that your pictures are lively, natural, unique and beautiful! It is definitely a joy looking through the photos and they have helped us remember the memorable moments on our big day.

Thumbs up for the good service and delivery of the edited photos. All the best! 🙂

P/S: We specially love this photo posted below!

By Huiling & Cheng Xi


Dear Cole,

Thanks for the photos.
We would also like to express our gratitude to you for your efforts and enthusiasm that you have shown.
Your cheery enthusiasm is infectious.
Thanks to you, the photo shoot atmosphere was relaxing and comfortable.
Because of this, we can bring out our natural fun and loving self for the photo shoot.

When we started viewing the photos, we had smiles all over our faces.
I kept saying “Awwww, so sweet, so sweet”.

We saw our happiness and blissfulness in the photos.
Through your quick witted mind and unique angle of lens, you managed to capture the special moments of us.
All the photos were beautifully taken.
Thanks again =)

You have definitely created a great album that me and my hubby will enjoy throughout our lifelong path together.

Thanks and Best Regards,
Yanping and Weiqiang


Dear Cole,

Nice meeting you today!
It has been 2mths+ since my wedding is over
but whenever my wife and myself look at the photos that you took for us on our AD,
we can’t help but feel very blissful and fortunate to have you as our wedding photographer.
We thank you for capturing the most important moments of our life and we like the end results of the photos very much.
We hope you will keep improving and continue to share your works here with your past/current/future customers.
Although our wedding is over, it has become a habit of me to keep checking out your facebook page and admire the creative and beautifully captured wedding photos.

Hopefully, next time when we engage your service for other purposes, prices will be kept affordable. Lastly, wishing you and team Happy CNY and see you again soon!


Yaohong Wang



Hi Cole,

Thanks a lot for taking such nice pictures for us on our memorable day! The photos are great, our parents are very happy with the photos too! I can’t believe that we could look so gorgeous in photos, as we usually dun feel comfortable taking photos. Thanks again for your patient and professionalism in engaging everyone in our wedding. It means a lot to us. =)

From Chee Wee & Kah Hoon



I love the photos taken for me especially for my group of jiemeis!

Thanks alot Cole, I see your artistic, natural photos a great and big effort with lots of sweat too from you!

I appreciate the moments captured in my memories and jia you for the rest of your works too! =)
Lastly, congrats on your wedding too~!!!

Warm regards,
Jasmine Ho



Dearest 2 of us!

If there is one thing we didn’t regret doing for the wedding, it is choosing 2 of Us Photography!! You both are such talented, humorous and energetic photographers! Your humor and laughter have certainly added on to the mood & joy of the actual day! Some photographers just settle into a set of routine/ pattern after doing the same thing for a long time… but you both never fail to amaze me with your creativity! You guys just keep getting better!! New ideas just keep coming up! I have always been following your blog… and even just shots of the wedding bands/ proposal rings have so many variations! I especially love your group shots with all the xiong dis and jiemeis. It’s always so full of joy and energy! And not to mention, such group shots have so many countless variations, all so unique and vibrant in their own ways! We have heard endless praises for the jump shot which Cole asked Kesmond to do… haha!! Everyone loved how you all merged many continuous shots together to make the photo look like they are moving! We are really fortunate and grateful to have both of you on my AD! Just in the morning express highlights alone, I have seen countless beautiful moments captured! Most of them not even to my knowledge! You both really live up to your tagline: Natural, Journalistic & Glamourous!!

With loads of love Kesmond & Wanqiu



Hi 2 of us,

All our wedding day photographs turned out more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. We truly appreciate your efforts to capture ourselves and our guests in a candid, yet artistic manner (We enjoyed showing the photos to everyone :D) Our family and friends are impressed with the hybrid morning and evening video highlights which perfectly captures everything about our perfect day. You guys did amazing photography and videography works. Your exceptional creativity and professionalism is Priceless! We would like to say a great big thank you for helping to make our day so memorable through the photographs and video you have taken. We will definitely recommend your services to everyone. Again as sincerely thank you for being a part of our special day.

With regards,

Chuen Chie & Mindy



Hi Cole!!

It has been exactly one week since the eventful day but it still felt as though it was just yesterday! Haha.. We hope you had as much fun as we had during our ROM. I’ve been to many weddings and have seen many photograhers but none as interesting as you! I seriously didn’t expect you to go all out to capture moments in different angles (oh.. I am referring to you jumping around like a monkey!! hahah). We truly admire (and very thankful!) for your creativity and professionalism throughout the entire event. You made us felt completely at ease with you, allowing us to be who we really are in front of your camera! We seriously can’t wait to see the photos that you took! I can’t wait to share the stories behind every picture and the emotions each one holds with everyone we know. Thank you, Cole!! for everything that you’ve rendered to us..your extra time, your meticulousness, your creativity and talent, your laughter and sincerity! *screams* THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! P/s: can I hire you again if I wanna take family portraits? Hahahahha! Have a wonderful day!

Best Regards,

Kareen (and of course, Peter!)



Hi Cole,

The purpose of this e-mail is drop by to express our million of thanks to you for capturing our moments beautifully on 6th Nov 2010. It was exactly 1 month ago from today’s date you were busy capturing all our moments professionally and beautifully. It is not difficult at all to work with you and in fact we enjoyed it so much as you are friendly and easy going. We enjoyed the pictures you took so much that we can’t stop ourselves from looking at it again and again. You helped to capture the laughter, the sweetness, the happiness and most of all the memory of the most important day of our life. It brought back so many sweet memories to us which the memories will stay fresh forever each time we look at it. We need to be honest with you that among all the expenses that we spent in preparing our wedding day, we honestly feel hiring you as our photographer was the best decision we had made. Attached is a certificate of appreciation specially made for you to express our appreciation and congratulations as you are our best photographer.

Sincerely from,

Chris Ho & Aries Chan



Hi Cole,

Pls refer to the below of our testimonial to you. Thanks for your help and professionalism! =) We have engaged 2ofus photography for our AD and overall it was really enjoyable and fun! We think that the pictures looked really great and we really appreciate and salute the hard work Cole had done for us. Especially in finding spaces to take pictures as there were many people at my place during the gate crash and tea ceremony. We really like our outdoor shots, which Cole had painstakingly taken to capture the natural lightning and scenery. Our nights shots were greatly taken as well, as we were dancing in for our second march in, there were many superb shots taken during our dance, not a step was missed. It really takes a lot of hard work and professionalism for Cole to deliver such great quality pictures! Overall, the pictures taken on our wedding day were marvellous, and we really loved the journalistic style Cole had injected in his pictures. Thank you so much Guys, and I will remember what 2ofus mean to you. =) Thank you!!!

From one of your many many Happy and satisfied couple,

Jedrick and Joey =)






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